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The whole story behind Sacres Coupons

Once upon a time there was Eliane Paperou ...

The current director of Sacrés Coupons, Eliane Paperou, did not find herself in the domaine of fabric by chance. When she was younger, her grandparents set up an ephemeral sewing workshop in the Halles district of Paris. Eliane began to learn sewing at Les Sœurs, and subsequently married a young ready-to-wear manufacturer. One of their friends who owned a studio, decided to bequeath it to Eliane, after having imparted all of her knowledge about sewing, cutting, material and assembling clothes. An ever-motivated and passionate lady, Eliane seized this opportunity and created her first company "Arc en Ciel" ("Rainbow" in English!). She started out making childrenswear and then later womenswear. Arc en Ciel has been sold internationally in France, the United States, the Middle East, Germany, the Nordic countries, and even Russia! International customers rushed to invest in Arc en Ciel pieces, which promised modern and striking styles. Her bestseller, the blouse, was the wardrobe must-have of the day. Her range of garments were always available in a spectrum of colours so that everyone could obtain their desired piece in a flattering colour.



Little by little, relationships with suppliers and collaborators developed in many sectors such as cinema, fashion design and haute couture. The brand in turn differentiated itself and acquired a certain competitive advantage. Its strength: the relationship with its customers. She always oriented her collections in consideration of customer requests and advice.


Her generosity and eternal optimism define all of her principles of happiness.
"Let's live happily" - Eliane PAPEROU.

So how did we get to where we are today?

It was in 1983 that we opened the doors of the first Sacrés Coupons store in the Marché Saint Pierre district of Paris. We were the very first to sell fabric 'coupons' in the neighborhood! A 3m bargain! Over time, we have opted for a redeployment strategy and adopted a positioning focused on selling unique high end luxury fabrics as opposed to the more commonplace fabrics that are widely available in Paris.


Once the curiosity of customers was aroused, a craze lead to the esteemed reputation of the store being established. A mutual trust between us and our customers has lead to a new concept: selling with joy and good humor. It was no longer just about advising clients, it was accompanying them, exchanging, taking an interest in what they do and who they are. More than just customers, they have become our friends. They are an integral part of the Sacrés Coupons family cocoon. The place has become a meeting point, a melting-pot, where we can share our experiences and stay for hours.


In it's 34 years of existence, Sacrés Coupons offers a variety of plain and printed fabrics for unique and diverse creations. From synthetic to natural materials, fine woolens, silks, shirting and trouser cottons, linens, lace, suiting fabrics, velvets and a multitude of other products line the store. Material splendour of every kind! Additionally, to accessorize everything, you will find original buttons and haberdashery. Lacking in space for our extensive fabric collections, we decided to purchase an old furniture store next to our main store: Sacrés Coupons Au gentleman des cuirs. To this day, this store is devoted to leathers, knits, jerseys, t-shirt and jacket ribbing, furs and metal accessories for embellishing creations.


And as the saying goes, never 2 without 3! Our third store opened in 2014; Sacrés Coupons Le Coin des Affaires, our destock shop. This store sells all of our discounted fabric coupons. A wide choice of discounted materials are for sale and new low cost stock is constantly arriving. Here you can find a discounted gem or simply source cheap toiling material - coupons starting at 5€/3m are not unusual here!



In summary ?

More than a store, Sacrés Coupons brings together all fabric lovers, amateurs and experts in the field.

Renowned for its global expertise, the primary objective of Sacrés Coupons is to anchor its values ​​in a dimension of exchange and sharing. Since 1983, we have aspired to brighten the lives of customers by offering multigenerational, authentic, and timeless fabrics for creations that are unique and personal to everyone. Your shopping, from the essentials to the most atypical, including haute couture, is facilitated by a welcoming environmennt coupled with a friendly, familial and relaxed atmosphere. Our covetable playlists will only add to this!

Need personalized advice? Our professional team (ahem rather exceptional!) are ready to help, and with a smile.

Never short of good humor, we do everything we can to satisfy you in all respects whatever your request. It is at the request of our customers that we have set up our e-shop. It's easy to access, simple to use and accessible to all in French and English. A range of choices, regular arrivals, quality fabrics, a team of pros, just for you. 


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