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Terms and Conditions


The present general conditions of sale have vocation to govern the orders and purchases of the Net surfer (hereafter called "customer") near SAS AUX SACRES COUPONS via its commercial Internet site


They are expressly accepted by the customer who proceeds to an order.


The site is the property of SACRES COUPONS in its totality, as well as the whole of the rights relating to it. Any reproduction total or partial is prohibited and subjected to the preliminary authorization of its owner.

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The customer recognizes to have taken knowledge, at the time of the placing of order, of the conditions of sale stated on this screen and expressly declares to accept them without reserve. The present general conditions of sale govern the contractual relations between Sacres coupons and its customer, the two parts accepting them without reserve. These conditions of sale will prevail on all other conditions appearing in any other document, except preliminary, express and written exemption.


The present general conditions can be modified constantly and without notice by SACRES COUPONS, the modifications being then applicable to all orders posterior to the date of modification.



To place an order, the customer must complete the following steps:


    1.Select the items in the dedicated sections,
    2. Choose the desired quantity for each item,
    3. Add the chosen item(s) to the cart,
    4. Continue shopping or complete the order,
    5. If the order is completed, validate the cart,
    6. Create an account or log in if an account has been previously created on behalf of the customer,
    7. Fill in a new account or change of situation, then check under his sole responsibility the information relating to his full contact details (surname, first name, date of  birth, postal address and e-mail), the delivery and billing address,
   8. Choose the method of payment among those proposed,
   9. Check the box of acceptance of the general conditions of sales then finish the order
    10. After validation of this last step, a summary of the order appears on the screen. The order will be recorded only after validation by the customer of this summary,   this computer validation being worth proof of the order by the customer.


Taking into account the nature of the activity of BAGS COUPONS and a possibility of delay or failure of its supplies, BAGS COUPONS reserves expressly the possibility of refusing an order and of not recording a payment and consequently of not confirming an order. The customer will be informed by any means within a reasonable time. If the selling price had in this assumption been the subject of a collection by error of SACRES COUPONS, the customer will be refunded without delay and at the latest in the thirty days of the payment of the sums which it will have paid.


Because in particular of this faculty opened to SACRES COUPONS to refuse an order because of an unavailability, the non-execution or the partial execution of an order will not give right to any compensation.


BAGS COUPONS also reserves the possibility of refusing an order of any customer with whom would exist a litigation or a disagreement relating to the payment of a preceding order.

The confirmation by SACRES COUPONS of the availability and its agreement on the order is carried out by an email addressed to the customer on the address e-mail which this one will have communicated, this agreement of SACRES COUPONS devoting alone the stipulation of the sale.

The cashing of the selling price will be carried out at the time of this agreement.



Les caractéristiques essentielles du produit sont indiquées dans la « fiche produit » contenant en général une photo du produit et indiquant ses particularités.

Les photographies illustrant, à l’appui du texte, les produits, n’entrent pas dans le champ contractuel.

La fiche détaillée du produit est la seule source contractuelle.

Cependant, dans l’hypothèse où des fabricants changeraient sans préavis la composition technique des références produits, la responsabilité de SACRES COUPONS ne pourra être retenue ni le produit échangé.

SACRES COUPONS est à tout moment en droit de réactualiser, d’améliorer ses fiches ou de retirer de la vente ses produits.

Le client a par ailleurs la possibilité de contacter SACRES COUPONS par voie téléphonique ou envoi d’un courriel à l’adresse pour obtenir des renseignements complémentaires sur les produits présentés via la page Contact du site internet.




The products are presented for information purposes on the site and, due to the need for frequent updating, the products are presented for information purposes only, subject to the limits of available stocks.



Under the terms of the article L.121-20-12 of the Code of consumption, the customer has a fourteen clear days deadline as from the delivery of his order to exert his right of retractation by the sending of the duly informed standard form and in this case to turn over with his expenses the product, with the following address: SACRES COUPONS, 3 rue Pierre Picard in Paris (75018). The product, which will have to be turned over accompanied by a copy of the invoice, will be refunded, in the 14 days following the reception of the turned over product. The returned product must not however have undergone any damage: product complete in its packing and in its state of origin.



The prices indicated on the website are in euros, all taxes included, excluding delivery costs.


They are subject to change, especially in case of fluctuation of the customer's currency against the euro or change of the VAT rate.


These prices are only valid for purchases via the website and are not applicable in case of purchase in a store.


Thus, the prices charged online may be different from those charged for a purchase in store.


The prices indicated on the Internet site, by emails or during the various advertising operations of SACRES COUPONS are given in a punctual way and are likely to be modified in the event in particular of update of a product. Moreover, the tariffs practised on line can be different from those practised in store and are not opposable with the sales carried out in store.


The price applicable to the customer's purchase on the website is the one in effect at the time of the order.


The price appearing on the order validated by the customer is firm and definitive.


If the prices fall a few days after the order, BAGS COUPONS will not have to in no case to operate of compensation compensating the difference.


If the prices increase after the order, BAGS COUPONS will remain committed to deliver at the price fixed at the day of the order.


The prices do not include the expenses of port and packing, which are indicated automatically at the time of the order on the summary of order, before its validation and its final recording.



Concerning any delivery in Metropolitan France, the ordered articles are subject to the French VAT.

For purchases involving delivery in the French overseas departments and territories, they are as such exempt from metropolitan VAT. This exemption concerns the sale price of the products and the transport service. The complete service will be invoiced without VAT. On the other hand, upon arrival of the parcel, the buyer will be required under his sole responsibility to clear his goods through customs by paying the duties and taxes at the entry of the department or territory.

For purchases involving delivery in the European Community, the items ordered are subject to French VAT.
However, if the customer is a company and has an intra-Community VAT number, the invoicing will take place without tax.
If the number of intracommunity VAT were to prove non-existent, the order would be automatically cancelled and SACRES COUPONS would be released from any obligation.

For the purchases implying a delivery except Community Europe and in the remainder of the world, the invoicing will be also carried out except French VAT.
It will belong in any event to the customer and under his only responsibility to pay the rights and taxes with the entry of its country and to ensure as a preliminary that the ordered products are authorized with the importation there. Some countries will charge customs fees and other taxes depending on the type and declared value of the product. SACRES COUPONS is not responsible for the correct payment of these charges by the customer. For more information, we invite our concerned customers to contact the competent administrative authorities of the country of importation.



ayment is made at the time of order, in cash, without discount and in Euro only. Several methods of payment are proposed to you:

  •     By credit card (secure payment). The price is expressed in Euro. The debit on the bank card of the Customer will be carried out in Euro at the time of the acceptance of the order by SACRES COUPONS, before the sending of your goods.
  •     Transfer.
  •     For any order carried out except European Union, only the payment by transfer is accepted.


The products are shipped within 24-48 hours to the address indicated by the consumer during the ordering process.


The delivery is carried out by a third company, only responsible for the effective delivery.


BAGS COUPONS however makes a commitment so that the delivery of the customer intervenes in the 30 days maximum as from the day of the placing of the order.


The other times indicated on the Internet site are given as an indication and consist of average times usually noted.


The company cannot be held responsible for the delays of routing which are out of its responsibility. The entirety of the shipments made are followed.


The costs and delivery times also depend on the country of destination and are likely to change depending on the pricing options of transport providers.


Regarding the payment of shipping costs, they are fully charged to the customer and are automatically calculated and added to the amount of the order depending on the destination.


The shipping costs, function of an external actor, are not stated at the time of the order in a final way but only as an indication.


In the event of readjustment of the carriage costs by the conveyor, the customer will be held with the integral payment of the differential of price engendered, and BAGS COUPONS will be able to seek the payment of it in order to release the order.


In the event of non-subscription to the insurance proposed at the time of the order, the goods sold travel at the risks and dangers of the recipient to whom it will be up to check the conformity and the number of the sendings received and to diligent if necessary, in particular in the event of damage, of lack or substitution, all useful procedures against the conveyor, under the conditions of forms and times envisaged by the Law to put it in cause, the recipient prohibiting himself for this reason any recourse against SACRES COUPONS.



SACRES COUPONS offers sponsorship operations that may be accompanied by commercial advantages.


The access to the services in question is carried out at the time of a preliminary sponsorship by a Member. The sponsorship by a Member is limited to a restricted circle (close relations, friends) of the effective and physical knowledge of the sponsoring Member.


The massive recruitment of godchildren outside of this framework, for direct or indirect lucrative purposes, or even for free, by any means such as through a website, a blog, advertisements on the Internet, or magazines or discussion forums, or by using the name of the brands partners of the Website or by reproducing a part of the catalog of the Website, is strictly refused.


If were to notice serious irregularities by a Member in the use of its sponsorship system, it could then take all appropriate measures to stop these irregularities, including the exclusion of the Member




An order placed before the period of the sales having for object a type of article discounted during this period will not be able to make the object of any refunding which has for object to compensate the reduction in price.



Company name : Société SARL GERELI
Registered office : 4 bis rue d'Orsel
Zip code : 75018
City: Paris
Country : France
Phone number : 01 42 64 69 96
Siret number : 327 755 799 00019 - APE 4751Z
E-mail :

Attention this is the address of the head office of the company Only the problems of the physical and administrative store are managed there. For any request concerning the follow-up of order, commercial or technical questions or problems of SAV, thank you to refer to the procedures and coordinates indicated on the site. In no case the staff of the store present at the head office will be able to manage this type of request.



The courts of Paris are the only ones competent to deal with any disputes that may arise on any grounds whatsoever from these general conditions and the contracts to which they apply.
The applicable law is French law.



the information of the personal information collected at the ends of the remote sale is obligatory, this information being essential for the treatment and the routing of the orders, the establishment of the invoices and contracts of guarantee. Failure to provide this information will result in the order not being validated. In accordance with the law "Informatique et Libertés", the processing of personal information relating to customers has been declared to the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL). The customer has (article 34 of the law of January 6, 1978) a right of access, modification, correction and deletion of the data which concern it, which it can exert near Sacres coupons. In addition, Sacres coupons undertakes not to communicate, free or with consideration, the details of its customers to a third party.









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