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Discovering Simone Pheulpin's textile sculptures in the Arts Décoratifs Museum in Paris

Discovering Simone Pheulpin's textile sculptures

textile sculpture Entrez dans la danse Simone Pheulpin



The Arts Décoratifs Museum presents, until the 16th of January, in its galleries dedicated to XVIII th Century, art Nouveau and Art Deco, the sculptures of the contemporary artist  Simone Pheulpin, made of folded fabric maintained by invisible pins.


Fabric as an artistic material


The artist, who was born in Les Vosges mountains, found in her childhood lands the inspiration, the material and the color range of her artwork. She uses raw cotton calico, which is produced in the area and french sewing pins to fold, hold tight and maintain the fabric.

This long and patient work is a meditative journey for the artist, and we can guess that a piece of time or a contemplation of nature was hidden in the opacity of the pleats.


Textile monoliths of Suzane Pheulpin remind us of fossils, asteroïds, shells, like signals coming from space or from the depth of earth to talk to us.


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